And just like that, the first half of 2020 is gone. To say that this has been a strange year would be a major understatement. With so much of life being on hold until something happens to make it better, (no one knows what that will be), this wasted year continues without slowing. Since things aren’t likely to change over the next six months, I’m using this calendar milestone to adjust my ham radio goals given that the virus dashed many of my plans for this year.

I’ve already canceled all plans for attending any hamfests, conventions, and club meetings for the remainder of the year. While everyone likes to imagine things getting back to normal sooner rather than later, this virus is going to be a big problem for a long time so I’m not holding my breath for a normal next year either.

I’ll just stay home as much as possible and busy myself on the air. My interest in chasing DX has been low for a long time due to the extended poor band conditions, and that hasn’t improved since all the big DXpeditions have been halted.

My LoTW account reveals all sorts of low-hanging fruit in the form of finishing off many small things. For instance, I’m only one shy of completing Worked All States on 40CW and only a few more to complete the same on 80CW. There are a dozen or so little things like this that need to be checked off. I need to compile a list of them and make those my goals for the next six months and I think I can get there via the radiosport.

I have no illusions about assembling a competitive contest station, and even if I did, my skills don’t match those of real contest enthusiasts. But there’s plenty of opportunity there and best of all, contesters make solid use of LoTW which will be a big help. My experience has been that casual CW operators avoid that method of confirmation like the plague. Lazily pounding brass for an hour or so in the evenings won’t cut it.

The shack remodel work should be complete in a few weeks. The new antenna farm is coming along nicely and I expect it to be complete soon too. So for the rest of this year, I intend to get busy collecting that low-hanging fruit and checking things off the big list.

More about this over the coming weeks, stay tuned.