I’m a fan of any kind of program that includes frigid climates like ice breaking ship action, North Atlantic fisherman, polar exploration, etc. I’ve spent countless hours watching YouTube videos about winter camping and surviving sub-zero temperatures. For some reason, anything involving human survival in arctic regions is interesting to me.

Sunday evening (August 23) a new program, Expedition to the Edge will debut on Discovery Channel.

In 2018, Captain Clemens Gabriel, along with his young family and a group of modern-day explorers, set out on the adventure of a lifetime. They set a goal to cross The Northwest Passage - an Arctic ship route known for it’s historic dangers and deaths. Harsh weather and thick ice have caused the route to remain largely unexplored and uncharted.

Given my frosty obsession it’s not surprising that I have alarms set so I won’t forget it and the DVR is already configured to capture it.