Longtime readers are probably aware that I maintain a fairly active Twitter account (@KE9V) and you should consider following me if you’re not already, and here are a couple reasons why I say that.

First, I like to think that I get a little wood on the ball every now and then and post things that active ham radio enthusiasts might find useful, timely, and maybe even interesting.

Beyond that it’s a good place to publicly comment on these posts since there is no comment feature here. I generally read all the mentions there and am always more up to date reading Twitter mentions than I am email. Twitter beats email for reading comments from readers because of its enforced brevity and I don’t have to open them, I just scroll and read.

I might follow you back if I know you or your Twitter handle identifies you as a radio amateur. I won’t follow you if your account is locked for privacy since that prevents me from taking a look at your previous tweets to see if we have anything in common.

I definitely won’t follow you back if you frequently tweet or retweet about politics. I support your right to free speech, but I don’t want to read your opinions on politics anymore than you want to read mine. Let’s not fool ourselves, no one is changing anyone’s mind about who to vote for based on something you or I tweet so why waste the effort?