One of the DXpeditions I most look forward to in 2021 is the JX0X Jan Mayen adventure. It would be an ATNO for me, plus at just a tad north of 70 degrees in the Arctic Ocean, it’s one of my favorite parts of the planet. The operation has been raising funds with plans to be on the island by mid-September of next year.

But now some question has arisen about the balance of the funding required given that Erik, LA2US (aka JW2US) has announced he will be working on Jan Mayen from October (2020) through March of 2021 and plans to be QRV in his spare time as JX2US with an emphasis on CW and FT8 on 160, 80, 40, and 30 meters.

Of this new development, JX0X team leader Kenneth Opskar, LA7GIA wrote on Facebook:

We received the news yesterday that LA-DX-Group member Erik LA2US is going on a 6-month work assignment to Jan Mayen. His trip has been unknown to us. This puts our project in a difficult situation. While there are several differences between a 6 month single-op trip and a 2 week tent and generator DXpedition, for us this is a matter of if we are:

  • able to raise the remaining funds
  • willing to sign an expensive vessel contract with all the added uncertainties

With this added info we are hesitant to sign the vessel contract without knowing the result of the support from the DX community.

And of the funding still needed, Kenneth added:

We offer 100% refund of all donations in case DXped is cancelled. We expect a final decision to go will be taken in a few months, dependent on the financial situation.