The situation with the 2021 JX0X DXpedition to Jan Mayen Island is a little dicey right now. Donations have dried up recently and time is short to sign a contract with the company that owns the vessel intended to transport the team and gear to the Arctic island. This has left the crew anxious about agreeing to pay for that service if the operation can’t be fully funded.

But a recent Facebook post indicates that last minute requests for “help” have been encouraging as $1800 in US donations were received yesterday. That remains short of the overall goal, but it provides some encouragement, and with a few more such days perhaps the caution around signing the transportation contract will ease.

With about a year yet until the operation there’s clearly time to raise the balance of the needed funds. But I understand how personally being on the hook for a large payment without adequate assurance in hand might cause these operators to lose sleep.

If you haven’t already, how about tossing in a few bucks and helping them over the hump. Their focus will be low-band operation on 160-30 meters CW and Digital. Vertical antennas close to saltwater will provide excellent take-off for NA and Japan.

Plus, it will be among the first of hopefully many more post-pandemic DXpeditions and we need to kickstart hope!