Living with a lot of trees means we spend much of this time of the year raking and mulching a lot of leaves. It would probably be smart to have a few of the larger, older trees taken down, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Some of them are considerably older than me and I don’t feel right taking them down.

Besides, raking leaves isn’t so bad. And this season the weather around here has been as close to normal as I can recall. Summer gave it up without much struggle and the rain and dry parts of the season happened mostly as expected. Oddly enough, one of the large hard maples in the backyard that never lets go of its leaves until there’s enough snow on the ground to make clean-up impossible is almost empty right now.

One final clean-up day and that chore will be done for the year.

Done with the leaves before Thanksgiving is different, and nice. With the foliage out of the way the antennas have a better view of the sky. And with the yard work complete for the year I can enjoy the Fall/Winter season on the radio, no matter what kind of weather might be headed our way.