The global pandemic continues to rage without so much as a single regard for recent announcements of a vaccine that won’t come soon enough for millions of people. The US government’s initial botched response followed by total indifference leaves us unprepared for the next wave of illness and death as the change in seasons tosses us all together in enclosed spaces.

Back in the summer I commented to someone that I didn’t personally know anyone who had the virus, but that has changed. Now hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear from a relative, friend, or acquaintance who has tested positive. Many are fellow amateur radio enthusiasts whose advancing age is cause for much added concern.

Future residents of North American will shake their heads in disbelief when recalling this dark period of human history while warming themselves around fires built from fetid tires and piles of rotting 2020 political yard signs. History will timestamp this as the moment Americans rejected truth, science and technology while embracing lies, ignorance, conspiracy theories, and phony outrage about masks.