The September-October edition of the AMSAT Journal is ready for download and includes In Search of the Ultimate DX by Scott Tilley, VE7TIL, detailing a special DX opportunity he had using a small Deep Space Network (DSN) antenna quickly erected in his backyard.

HamSCI is seeking volunteers for another propagation research project. The organization is looking for amateur radio operators around the world to help collect propagation data during the December 14 eclipse across South America.

That W1AW Morse Code Mug I mentioned a few days ago leaked like a sieve when I poured hot coffee into it. I’m keeping the mug (as a pencil holder) but caveat emptor.

Working from home? Watch: 3 steps to stop remote work burnout

Podcast: Planetary Radio

The National Science Foundation announced Nov. 19 it will perform a “controlled decommissioning” of the giant radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, citing recent damage that made it unsafe to operate or even repair.

I was a little surprised (yet delighted!) when the mailman delivered The Five Watter for Fall 2020 from the Michigan QRP Club. I hadn’t seen one of these in quite some time.

CQ WPX Contests Add New “Multi-Transmitter Distributed” Category, Remove Single-Op Unassisted Categories:

A new “Multi-Transmitter Distributed” category is being added to the CQ World Wide WPX Contests to better accommodate operators who wish to compete as a team without all being in the same physical location.

Dan, KB6NU has launched a new sub-group to discuss the New Hams program.