Christmas is over but I’m off work this week making this yet another staycation. Thanks to the virus I’ve burned four weeks of vacation this year just staying at home and next year will probably be more of the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy time at home, but this is getting old and I intend to find somewhere to get away for a week or two in the New Year. An isolated cabin on a lake would be welcome relief at this point while still providing a social distance barrier.

The weather here this week is supposed to be a mix of rain and snow so I probably won’t spend much time working outside in the antenna farm.

It should be a good time to watch the weather from the warm side of the window while wrapping up a few loose ends from the old year and making plans for the new. The end of the year is always a useful breakpoint in the flow of time and is a welcome reset, perhaps more so this time around for me since I hope to retire in the New Year.

Given that my commute time dropped to zero this year, I’m hopelessly behind on podcasts and a growing collection of audiobooks that remain unheard. I can never catch-up on all that, but maybe there will be time this week to at least make a small dent in this pile of consumable content.

If all else fails, I can usually count on ham radio to keep me entertained. And in the event the bands won’t cooperate there’s always another nap to be taken. I’ve yet to grow tired of cat-napping while stranded at home.