The time had come for another reading of Walden, the 1854 book written by Henry David Thoreau. It’s become an annual rite despite my not being a student of Transcendentalism. It’s about living life as simply as possible and that deeply touches some nerve in me as it does so many others. Living alone in the woods, and scraping out a living from the land seems a happy dream for anyone who values independence.

How wonderful would it be right now to reside deep in the woods without a care or a nearby neighbor to share a deadly virus?

Sadly, I will never be able to disappear (with my family) deep into the woods to build a simple cottage with my bare hands. I’ll never hunt, fish, and farm enough to be the sole supplier for myself and my family. But I still enjoy reading that book with each passing year. The idea, though unobtainable, keeps me a little more centered.

And when it comes to my radio hobby, the quest for a simple life manifests in a desire to maintain a simple, low-powered station that only gently disturbs the aether. In this search for a simple radio existence notions of contests, awards, and chasing things fade quickly.

With another reading of the book complete those thoughts have begun to stir again. If it could be done right this minute I’d sell all the equipment that has been accumulating (much of it unopened) here recently and leave myself only some simple gear and the wire antennas. The desire to go back to a basic radio life is powerful mojo.

I suppose this could be dismissed as the power of words and thoughts written somewhere long ago and handed down thru time. But the idea of simplicity in my hobby has metastasized into a strong desire that’s only one step away from realization. Less can be more and I have no doubt about my ability to be happy with a modest sufficiency.