This winter season hasn’t been much to write about so far having been fairly mild and without enough snow to need the shovel. I usually enjoy this time of year but I’ll admit that the perpetual gray skies and being stuck inside with nowhere to go leaves even a fan of the season like me longing for better weather.

And that won’t arrive for at least seventy more wake-ups.

Like everything in life, it could be worse, and it might be in another week or so. Now there’s talk of a Polar Vortex that could result in bitter cold air pushing southward into the US within a couple of weeks, though where exactly that Arctic air will swoop down – and for how long – remains uncertain.

Whether that comes to pass or not, it’s a little early for me to consider breaking out the portable radio gear and planning any field operations beyond the patio.

This sad week has certainly been historic, in more ways than one. Violent insurrection against the government and 4,000 deaths a day from coronavirus and still climbing. Meanwhile, Wall Street is partying like it’s 1999.

Something is very wrong here. The transition to more honorable, intelligent leaders in a few weeks might help a little, but what of the 70 million people who still desperately believe the myriad of lies that have poured out like rain these last four years? I wonder if those who embraced the lies are even redeemable?

We’re going to live with this foolishness about stolen elections, lizard people, and the existence of a “deep-state cabal” of human traffickers and pedophiles who drink the blood of children for a long time and I have no confidence that America can survive this level of sustained insanity for long.

So far, 2021 has been a carbon copy of 2020, maybe a little worse.