One week ago today I was driving my Dad to a VA hospital in Northern Indiana to get his first Coronavirus vaccination. I’ll take him back again in a few weeks for the final jab. Dad is 94 years-old and a World War II veteran. He’s in relative good health, still lives in his own house and handles all his finances, shopping, and the like. He still mowed his own lawn last summer, we’ll see if he continues that practice this time around.

He still drives though he might give that up before long as his auto insurance premiums have risen by many thousands of dollars a year due to his age. His weekly commutes are to the grocery and the post office. Toss in the occasional doctor visit and he’s racking up a whopping seven miles a week. He drives a 2008 pick-up truck with less than 30,000 original miles.

I only took him to the hospital because he doesn’t have a mobile phone and I’m not comfortable with the possibility that he break down on the highway without a way to call for help.

He eats steak and potato three times a week and hasn’t visited a restaurant in decades. He enjoys the occasional beer and shot of bourbon. He takes a two-hour afternoon nap daily without fail.

He was married 54 years when my Mom died. If she were still alive they would celebrate their 70th anniversary this year. Dad never made more than $39,000 a year yet he put me thru college and burned his mortgage when he retired in 1991.

He’s never had a computer or reason to pay for Internet access. No Twitter. No Facebook. No Instagram. No social media. No Spam. No flame wars. No insane conspiracy theories pouring into his head…

Little wonder why he’s lived longer and better than most of us.