The big snowstorm fizzled a bit. While they were calling for 6-8 inches of heavy, wet snow we have 2-3 inches on the ground best I can measure in this pre-dawn morning. More might have fallen, but it’s melting quickly. Unless we get a lot more today I think the driveway will take care of cleaning itself.

Odd Lots

I caught the latest edition of the SolderSmoke podcast yesterday, always an enjoyable dose of ham radio. I used to wish they would produce this more often but have come to believe that part of charm and success of the program is its scarcity. It’s kept me coming back for years.

The Four State QRP Group is out with another handy new kit, the N5IB Crystal Spotter:

Designed by Jim Giammanco, N5IB, the Crystal Spotter uses a classic Pierce oscillator circuit to produce a signal at the series resonant frequency of a quartz crystal. The signal can be heard in a nearby receiver without any electrical connection to the receiver. It is useful for locating a crystal’s operating frequency in uncalibrated receivers, or for checking whether a crystal is active.

If you missed the 2021 Propagation Summit last weekend the video is now available online. Each presentation begins approximately on the hour and you can advance the video to the presentation you wish to view.