You probably can’t tell it with all the snow and cold, but plans are being made by optimistic radio hams in the northern hemisphere for a spate of antenna work that will be attended to as soon as the weather for that work improves. Discussing my plans with a friend, he relayed this information (see below) on a supplier of fiberglass push-up masts.

I thought it worth sharing here since I’ll probably order a few of these for portable supports and see how they hold up. As usual, caveat emptor. I don’t own this hardware and this isn’t an endorsement - just sharing information.

–> Max-Gain Systems, Inc.

Announcing Max-Gain Systems, Inc.’s line of heavy duty (1/8 inch thick wall on all tubes … not the thin walled “glorified fishing poles” sold by some) … fiberglass push-up masts! Max-Gain System’s fiberglass telescopic masts provide the perfect platform to raise a multitude of different types of antenna to the required height. They are commonly used for mobile, temporary or even semi-permanent deployment of equipment.