Don’t over think this. Let me do that for you.

The NASA Perseverance team included a hidden message on the space frame that landed on Mars this week. An image of the Earth, Sun, and Mars in proper orbital relationship and inscribed on that glyph a message to the heavens written in Morse Code: “Explore as One”.

Interesting that Morse holds such noble standing in the human zeitgeist. And to think amateur radio is practically the sole remaining custodian of an ancient language that’s literally gone interplanetary. CW men and women are the druids of this present age. Keepers of ancient wisdom and eternal knowledge.

I don’t know if the dreamers at NASA had this in mind when they designed that plaque. Perhaps it came to them in a dream or from a notion buried deep within that they cannot explain. After all, had they wanted to appeal to popular culture they could have included a golden disk with a video recording of the popular television program Dancing With the Stars.

Of course that would provide an alien race with good reason to destroy us so…