A few years ago my wife and I attended our first OzarkCon, an annual QRP Convention conducted by the Four State QRP Group. The event took place in Branson, Missouri and didn’t require much arm twisting to get my wife to come along. We both had a great time and made plans to come back again, but the virus made other arrangements. The event was canceled last year and won’t be conducted in real life this year either.

But now plans are set for Virtual OzarkCon 2021 that will take place on Saturday April 10th. Registration is open (over 200 have already signed up!) and proceeds from the sale of kits will fund the event so there’s no cost to attend. The agenda is in place and it looks like another great lineup of speakers.

Special event station K0N will be active daily April 4th thru April 10th 2300 UTC to 0300 UTC to celebrate the convention. Look for that action on 7.122, 3.564 or 14.061 MHz.

4SQRP is a friendly group who like to have a lot of fun with radio. It may be one of the last QRP club that still produces new and innovative kits for low-power enthusiasts. They maintain regular nets, publish a newsletter the Ozark QRP Banner, organize events, and offer awards. I’ve been a member (#127) for quite awhile, you can join the fun too!