I was ordered to serve 12 hours in Twitter purgatory today for a tweet that violated its terms. I had posted what I thought was just a little funny, but I guess not everyone saw it that way.

I’m not complaining, I understand it’s their sandbox and they can do with it whatever they want. I understand even more that there is a lot of misinformation out there (about everything) and Twitter is just trying to scrub it up as best it can.

They told me if I would remove the tweet they would unlock my account for regular use again after 12 hours so I did.

This hasn’t caused me to look deep inside to see why I’m such a terrible person, I still think what I posted was funny - and perhaps a backhanded slap at the crazy conspiracy theories embraced as “facts” by millions.

Still, I will forego anything that even looks like humor on Twitter from here out.

By the way, here is the message I received from Twitter and in it you can see the horrible thing I posted that got me locked out of my account.

But be warned, you might be shocked and for that, I apologize.