Really Simple Syndication - RSS use has been in steady decline since the death of Google Reader. These days even when a feed is provided it’s often just a snippet that lets you read the first 50 or 100 words then you have to visit the site to finish what you started. I refuse to read or subscribe to sites that provide only partial feeds. Every word of the last ten posts are served up in the feed here. Having no advertisements or appeals for donations I don’t care how or where you read my content. I use a now defunct application to collect and read blog feeds but you can use your favorite news reader. Enjoy!

Navigation Tip - I made a minor content adjustment on the site this week. All of the last 20 posts appear on the main page, but eventually these scroll off as new posts appear on top. But the older posts are still available. Click the archive link at the top of every page to reveal quick links to all of the content.

Twitter Purgatory - my twelve-hour banishment has ended and I have full-access to my account again. I want to be clear that while I thought the action was silly, I understand it was the result of over zealous AI bots. I harbor no hard feelings, but you may have noticed that I almost never mention my Twitter account here. That’s because I’ve been on the fence for a long time about whether or not to close the account. I don’t want to create links here that won’t age well. This is my motivation to flee social media in all forms…

About - just an FYI that I have recently updated the About page with a few brief details about myself. It’s my least favorite thing to do as I hate writing about me. It’s not an easy thing to do and I cringe whenever I read a bio written in third person. “Jeff enjoys German beer and fly fishing” is an abomination that I won’t countenance. But a few details seemed necessary so I put something there and I probably won’t update it again anytime soon.