The weather has been nice enough enough over the last two weeks as it’s been dry and sunny with high temps in the 40’s. Next week the mercury is set to climb even higher into the 60’s but it looks like those warmer days will bring rain. It’s still fourteen days until the March equinox and here in Central Indiana there’s always a threat of snow until the end of March, but it’s becoming difficult not to believe that winter is drawing to a close.

Pending the weather, I might burn a week of vacation at the end of the month to resume work on the antenna farm. The first order of business being new end supports for the center-fed antenna. Digging the holes for the posts that will support these shouldn’t be difficult, I have a powered auger. But I need the ground to be warm enough for the concrete to cure and that’s got me waiting.

I’ve been putting food out for the many songbirds who hangout in the yard. There have been more cardinals than usual this year but I’ve yet to see a robin and that has me anxious. Robins don’t migrate out of the region during winter, but since they prefer ground bugs and worms which can’t be found as easily during the coldest months, these birds look for fruit on bushes this time of year and so aren’t as noticeable in the neighborhood.

Despite the calendar and the temperature, I won’t accept that it’s really spring until I see a few of them hopping around the yard!