I’ve been using a MacBook Air (M1) these last few months to make certain the new Apple Silicon would play nice with my ham radio software. Having found no compatibility issues, I ordered a new Mac mini to serve as the primary computer in the shack.

This was kind of a big deal since I hadn’t had a desktop machine at home for several years. That meant also buying a new keyboard, mouse, and display. These standard accessories weren’t a big deal, you click a few buttons and a guy with a big truck leaves them at your doorstep.

But the monitor I selected, an Acer Nitro VG270 75Hz 27-inch display underwhelmed when paired with the new Mac mini. It’s maximum resolution (1920x1080) wasn’t nearly high enough for such a large panel and I wasn’t happy with the way it looked.

I guess I’ve gotten used to a “Retina” type display and since I’ll have to stare at this thing daily for the next five years, I quickly ordered a much better monitor. Hopefully the guy with the big truck will drop off a 23.7-inch LG UltraFine 4K Display with 3840x2160 resolution tomorrow and I can complete the computer upgrade in the radio room this weekend.

That Acer display will find some use in my Pi-farm where the lower resolution won’t be quite so offensive. It’s not a bad monitor, I simply chose poorly for my desired configurstion. It’s been a long time since I last purchased a monitor. Over the last decade I’ve owned an iMac (with a built-in display) and several laptops and had no need to select an external monitor.

Hopefully, there will be a quick resolution to the problem…