It’s been an uneventful week here. The weather has been surprisingly nice for this time of the year. Lots of sunshine and blue skies with moderate temps has me downright suspicious, but I’ll take it. I guess the time changes tonight (daylight savings time), but it’s such a nice day I’m not going to complain about that either.

Brenda and I got our first dose of the vaccination without any adverse reactions a few days ago. There was no waiting and the site where we got the shot, a former elementary school, was setup perfectly for the procedure. We arrived a little early and they processed us immediately. The only waiting was the 15 minutes after the shot to watch for immediate (anaphylaxis) side effects. It was all too easy for complaint.

I am having some trouble wrapping my head around the fact that 1970 was more than fifty years ago. My wife says I keep saying things like, “it wasn’t ALL that long ago when such and such happened” when it really was fifty or more years ago. I guess it would be like me in 1975 talking about something that happened in 1927 as being “not that long ago” which seems nuts when I see it written just now.

This comes up because I’ve started work on a new writing project that covers certain ham radio events from 1968 until 1979. You know, not all that long ago. It’s an interesting slice of history and the result of this work will eventually appear here.

I might be the only radio enthusiast you know NOT attending the virtual Ham Expo this weekend. I can’t spend every weekend in apparently endless online conferences. It’s just too nice outside to stay inside watching pixels get shoved around on a screen.

But I’m not complaining…