The Spring 2021 edition of SPRAT the journal of the GQRP Club was hand delivered by the mailman today. Always an occasion of considerable joy, I’ve long been a member of GQRP and as a result have an impressive stack of the magazines in my shack.

It’s odd given I prefer electronic format to print for everything except this publication. That’s probably due to its diminutive size which makes slipping it in my pocket and transporting it to various and diverse places a special treat. Whether it’s the actual size or the tactile feel of printed material it’s always welcome company.

It offers a unique window into how low-power enthusiasts approach the hobby across the pond. Turns out it’s not a lot different than how we do it here but it’s different enough to bring a refreshing change of gears. I find it to be consistently chock full of content that’s spot-on for hams who enjoy rolling up the sleeves and firing up the soldering station.

All the usual columns plus awards and an interesting look at Valve QRP Reports from the winter activity sessions. Plus the following technical/construction articles:

  • Discrete Component 80m CW Transceiver
  • An LCR Bridge
  • An Active Loop with Rotator
  • A Simple Inductance Meter
  • The Quartzmite SMD QRPp CW TX/RX
  • Low Power TX/RX Diode Switch
  • Modification for a LiPo Dropper
  • A Simple VFO
  • Project Building Blocks
  • Simple Solar Panel Current Monitor System

See what I mean about it being “chock full”?

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