Spoiler Alert: Read the Fine Manual

SKCCLogger, the brilliant handiwork of Ron Bower, AC2C makes tracking radio accomplishments in the realm of mechanical keying a snap. Whenever I’m trolling the SKCC waters or operating in one of its many events I always make use of it. When I’m done, I export those results in ADIF and import them into my primary station log where I can upload to LoTW with a click.

That workflow might seem a little convoluted, but it’s simple enough even if it requires an extra step or two. The value in using SKCCLogger is that it tracks progress toward specific SKCC goals, and produces properly formatted output ready for email submission.

Maintaining and preserving separate log files is the only extra burden I notice and I’ve managed to keep that easy enough by automagically saving log files on a cloud account, which checks off the preservation bit, and I keep two files - one for SKCC work and one for everything.

But in a recent note to the SKCC mailing list, AC2C pointed to the SKCCLogger User Guide that includes his recommendation for managing multiple log files using the application. I hadn’t read it until then (mea culpa!) and found it illuminating.

Ron explains how he creates multiple files for his SKCC work. Monthly files and specific event files, like each WES, etc. When the event or specified time period has concluded, he merges those results into a main SKCC log.

I have adopted this practice and believe this added measure will keep the log work much better organized.