Planning is underway for the 68th W9DXCC Convention and Banquet on Sept. 10-11, 2021. Not another lame-ass virtual event, but the real thing. We’re going to gather in person to discuss DX and Contesting. In person. We will dine together, in the same room, around big tables. Together.

The work of controlling the virus hasn’t yet concluded of course, but the general mood seems to be quickly improving as millions of people are being vaccinated each week. The data on the efficacy of the vaccine is piling up and it all looks good. Come September the virus should be controlled enough in the United States for us to resume meeting in person again.

It’s too bad DXpeditions won’t snap back to normal this year as the complications of travel through multiple places to get where they’re going will undoubtedly require more time. Perhaps the following year. I don’t know when, but I like to imagine the level of pent up desire to travel will explode in a lollapalooza of DX as soon as that becomes possible!

See you in person, in Chicago, in September at W9DXCC.