I’ve tried multiple combinations of operating desk layout and monitor arrangements and can’t get happy with my newly reconfigured station.

I blame this on installing a desktop computer (Mac mini) with the requisite external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and new shelving to support it all. Life was easier when it was just a laptop perched precariously on the edge of the station desk on top of a hardback version of Robert’s Rules of Order the way God intended.

The solution, assuming there is one, is to have the monitor hover just above the equipment in the center of the desk. Mounting it off to one side or the other gave me neck pain as did mounting it too high. If I can’t sit at the desk and view the monitor straight ahead at eye-level then it just doesn’t work for me.

Placing all the ham radio gear in the dumpster and installing the monitor in the middle of the desk would be ideal, but at least to this point in the exercise that remains an unacceptable solution.

I purchased another monitor mount (the third). This one is a wall mount. Affixing it to the wall directly behind the radio gear will put it straight ahead and over the equipment line-of-view and that theoretically should be perfect. But I’m tired of spiking the football on the 10-yard line with this particular shack project and will reserve judgement until after its all said and done.