There’s an awful lot I don’t know, but I do know if you wade into a ham radio conversation and mention that you “don’t care much for FT8” the resultant fury is akin to having shaken a hornet’s nest. Apparently, those of us who believe the new digi-mode to be a less noble mode are anti-technology curmudgeons intent on keeping ham radio in the Dark Ages.

And whatever you do, never suggest Joe Taylor began destroying ham radio in 2017 (even if he did mortally wound it). The new digerati of amateur radio are thin-skinned and offend easily. Probably from spending the last four years in front of huge monitors clicking on call signs and dreaming of ways to further automate the QSO.

So here’s my advice. You can believe that FT8 is an evil plague intentionally created to infect amateur radio in order to speed its demise. A remnant of true radio believers already do. But for God’s sake, don’t SPEAK that out loud where someone might hear you!

The densely populated Cult of FT8 don’t like to hear that any more than the Stepford Wives enjoyed listening to Joanna…