The cedar fencing finally arrived!

Replacing the privacy fence around the backyard was supposed to be a Fall 2020 project but the pandemic somehow created a shortage of the material I wanted to use and I was unable to get my hands on anything equally suitable all winter long. They sent the 4x4 fence posts and the 2x4 stringers, but without the pickets I was on hold.

With all the materials on hand now comes the layout and installation phase of the project that will keep me busy for a couple of weeks. I can’t just yank the old down and begin installing the new, I need to maintain a “fence” because of the dog, so the new will replace the old in sections.

But I can finally get moving and make use of that shiny new gas-powered post hole digger. That also figures in the antenna work as I intend to install two more posts that will support aluminum masts that will hold the ends of a new multi-band, center-fed zepp.

The new wire antenna should be an improvement on 80 meters and will also cover 40 and 30. It will cover the higher bands too with the auto-tuner, but I’d like something else for the higher bands that I can steer.

Given that I don’t know how much longer we will live here and not expecting better propagation on those higher bands anytime soon, I’ll forego a new beam for HF and install that unopened three-element beam for 6 meters where my DX count is sorely lacking.

One can never have too many antenna plans…