I received the 2nd (Moderna) VAX jab this morning and am now considered fully vaccinated. Good for me, but it comes at a time when the virus is beginning to surge again. It wouldn’t be terribly surprising to discover this newest surge is related to the too-soon removal of the safety protocols mostly in the red states.

Spiking the football on the ten-yard line as it were.

Here in deep-red Indiana our governor (who has done an admirable job with the pandemic until now) canceled the mask mandate a few days ago. Even though businesses can continue to require it and masks still must be worn in all government buildings.

When asked, our governor said he would continue wearing a mask whenever he is in public and recommended that everyone else do the same. He further said he only lifted the mask mandate because it “made his Republican colleagues feel better” which is about as lame-ass an excuse as I’ve ever heard for anything.

Who are these right wing snowflakes with such tender feelings being assaulted by a mask mandate that it would make them feel better if lifted, even if they still intend to wear them?

I don’t get it, but since 2016 the GOP is only the shadow of a clown of its former self and it’s difficult to imagine anyone taking them seriously as a governing party again. Which is a problem given the alternative is only slightly less odious.

America is hosed and COVID is surging into yet another wave. Meanwhile, I’m fully vaccinated and waiting to see if there will be any overnight side-effects from taking the juice.

So far, no problem.