IARU Amateur Satellite Frequency Coordination

A 6U CubeSat. CAS-9 also named Hope-3 (XW-3) carries a VHF uplink and UHF downlink linear transponder with a bandwidth of 30kHz. This transponder will work all day during the lifecycle of the satellite, and amateur radio enthusiasts around the world can use it for two-way radio relay communications. Proposing the following links:

  • VHF/UHF - V/U Mode Linear Transponder
  • UHF - CW Telemetry Beacon
  • UHF - AX.25 4.8k/9.6kbps GMSK Telemetry

Planning a launch from Jiuquan on December 15th 2021 into a 770km circular orbit with a 98.58 degree inclination. On the other hand, CW beacon use Morse code to send satellite telemetry data, which is also a feature that is widely welcomed by amateur radio enthusiasts.

The hits just keep coming. This one will be highly anticipated and a special Christmas present for all amateur satellite enthusiasts!