I’ve been trying to catch-up on some podcasts where I have fallen hopelessly behind. Working from home has eliminated my commute which was prime podcast and audio book listening time. Some travel this week permitted me an opportunity to get up to date with the ARRL’s Eclectic Tech podcast hosted by Steve Ford, WB8IMY.

In one particular episode Steve interviewed N1BCG about the recent resurgence of AM in amateur radio. I find it interesting that what used to be a primary mode of communication in our hobby is now considered an eclectic mode. Though given the total domination of FT8 I suppose any other mode used by radio amateurs could be considered rare.

In any event I’m pleased to hear that AM is enjoying something of a comeback and I plan to spend more time seeking out those pockets of AM users where they congregate on the bands and join them every chance I get. I’m less interested in collecting boat anchors at this point in life, but all the transceivers in my shack are capable of generating AM, why not?

A few other resources mentioned in that program: