OzarkCon, the popular QRP Convention normally conducted in Branson, Missouri took place last weekend - virtually of course. It was another fine effort by the 4SQRP Group despite being an online event instead of an in-person celebration.

I even won a prize and it’s already on my desk!

NS-40+ 5W 40M QRP CW Transmitter

It is a truly unique QRP transmitter design. ‘NS’ stands for None Simpler, and there is No Simpler 40 Meter Transmitter. Why is it called the None Simpler? Because there are only 14 electronic components, and NO TOROIDS or COILS of any kind to wind - NONE! All inductors are incorporated directly on the PC board as etched spirals.

I’m a long-time member (#127) of the Four State QRP Group and really enjoy hanging out with this gang. Brenda and I attended our first OzarkCon a couple years ago and planned to return last year but then came the pandemic. We hope to return in 2022 as it’s a great area of the country to visit and a wonderful group of hams to hangout with.

And THANK YOU to David Cripe, NM0S for your generosity in donating this classic kit!