I still have no idea what that second FCC warning was all about.

Given the first was issued in the immediate aftermath of the January Capitol riots it’s probably safe to assume that personal radio equipment was used in the commission of that activity or else it was an incredible coincidence.

A second warning in the span of a few months definitely means something. Perhaps some of the rioters who have since been arrested are spilling their guts to Federal prosecutors about how the seizing of the Capitol was planned and organized with help from ham radio equipment?

Using a radio during a crime is a Federal offense that can add penalties and a means for restitution (longer sentences, fines, seizing radio equipment, license revocation, etc.) to an already serious crime.

I don’t know, but I’m reasonably confident the FCC doesn’t do “random”.

When you see them warn hams about operating too close to the band edge it’s because someone operated illegally out of band. A second warning about using radio equipment during the commission of crime almost certainly means someone has been using ham radio to assist their criminal activity.

It’s not the kind of publicity we desire for our favorite hobby and we should all be at least a little uncomfortable that the FCC seems to have a need to continue warning us about it.