I had hoped to slip into the backyard this evening to participate in the monthly Spartan Sprint. That might still happen though the forecast says to expect thunderstorms this evening. No complaints though, we need the rain and I did just lay down the first application of weed and feed on the lawn over the weekend.

The Adventure Radio Society runs the popular Spartan Sprint and recently announced resumption of the annual Flight of the Bumble Bees outdoor operating event:

“In concert with today’s National Arbor Day, The Adventure Radio Society is announcing the return of the Flight of the Bumble Bees on the last Sunday of July. This year it is July 25. Applications for field stations. Bumble Bee number requests will be opened on Friday, June 25 - one month before this year’s BB event.

After being cooped up inside for much of the winter and with so many virus-related shut-downs, we’re all probably a little stir-crazy at this point. I just read a report about vacation rentals being tough to find for the summer and apparently many of the State and National Park camping areas will be in short-supply too.

Good thing my backyard continues to be wide open for low-powered radio adventure and I hope to enjoy the summer out there in my own little wilderness - with the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom just 20 yards from the main radio action!