I noticed a tweet by Ei2iP today that showed his satellite ground station. He’s done a nice job of integrating an IC-9700 with his Mac mini, a couple of monitors and AzEl rotor. He was using MacDoppler for satellite tracking and MacLoggerDX for logging.

There’s an IC-7300 on the desk for good measure.

This is almost identical to my own setup though I keep futzing around with the station layout. I asked him what he was using to control the rotor and he replied that chore was handled by a GSB-232B interface from JZG Electronics which wasn’t familiar to me.

You can follow the link above for additional details. My interest was because the rotor interface was the last component added to my satellite station and I went with the S.A.T. by CSN Technologies. I’m pleased as punch with the unit I purchased, but this seemed an oddity to me because long ago we almost always built these interfaces from kits provided by AMSAT or TAPR.

Those options didn’t seem to exist when I started the current satellite station build so I purchased off the shelf. There are several options available, but it’s good to know that there’s at least one more available too, even if it’s in Europe.