GB2RS News via QO-100

“GB2RS can now also be heard via the QO-100 amateur radio satellite. The transmission is provided by Keith, GU6EFB at 0800UTC, using upper sideband on 10489.900 MHz, which is in the mixed-mode section of the narrowband transponder. QO-100 is a geostationary satellite with a footprint that covers Europe, Africa and India, so this news bulletin is a specially-adapted international version. The RSGB would like to thank AMSAT-DL for their kind cooperation in making this broadcast possible.”

I made myself a reminder about this when I first saw the news item because I’m a frequent listener of QO-100 via streaming audio and thought it would just be cool to give a listen.

I could have downloaded the news but where’s the fun in that?

This way requires the audio to be uploaded to the satellite transponder with the resulting signal being received by the Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall and streamed around the world to little old me me via WebSDR.

That’s certainly more satisfying than just downloading a file!

Alas, that didn’t work out because the weak-link in that long chain of communication was me. I must have glossed right over the part where this was scheduled for broadcast at 4am my time.

Ouch! Maybe I’ll set an early morning alarm to monitor this one of these days, but having to be awake at that hour has caused me to slide this one down a few spots on my “to-do” list…