I attended a tailgate about fifteen miles south of here yesterday. Notable because it was the first in-person ham radio event I’ve attended since the pandemic shutdown last year. Being an outdoor event there was little cause for concern, and I’m willing to guess that most who attended were vaccinated anyway. It sure was nice to see the locals again without Zoom.

At the same time, and on the other side of town, another group was gathering at nearby Mounds State Park for a group POTA activation.

The takeaway from all this is that the pandemic seems to be retreating and things are starting to look a little more normal. The entire episode remains far from over, but it feels like the heavy cloud of concern is beginning to lift.

Because of that, I went ahead and registered for the W9DXCC convention that will take place in September in the Chicago area. Brenda and I attended in 2019 and we were looking forward to another visit the following year, but then came the virus.

This seems to bode well for the fall and winter hamfests, especially for those up north. Concerns remain that localized flare-ups could become a problem in many southern states where more people are rejecting the vaccination.