I caught a note on a mailing list yesterday that said WA3RNC was taking orders for his new TR-25 CW Transceiver Kit so I pulled the trigger and placed an order. It’s a dual-band (40/20) five-watt CW transceiver in an attractive format.

And there’s this:

…a compact but powerful 2-band CW transceiver kit that uses no tiny pushbuttons, and without those seemingly endless and hard-to-remember back menus. There is a knob or a switch for every function!

Not having to do a deep dive thru stacked menus to find some function gets more important (to me) with each passing year. I’m amused by the flurry of mini-handbooks that appear for sale with the release of most new transceivers these days. I figure if the cool new “thing” requires purchase of a cheat sheet the user interface design was a failure.

But, hey, that’s just me - you do you.

The TR-25 has no internal auto-tuner and that’s usually a show-stopper for me. In a world that includes the KX3 and KX2, both with excellent internal auto-tuners, who needs new transceivers without them? But I’m making an exception in this case as the features seem to outweigh my objection and my Elecraft T1 external tuner could use a little work.

The new transceiver is supposed to begin shipping on June 7 and I look forward to its arrival and the opportunity to see if it works as good as it looks.