My fascination with certain old mechanical things led to the acquisition of another typewriter. A 1937 Smith-Corona portable that was in good condition, but still required some work to make it pristine. Fortunately, I know a guy in Cincinnati who lovingly restores typewriters and his work will be complete soon.

This isn’t a museum piece, I intend to put it to work on day one to write the Great American Novel - and filling out QSL cards. I can just imagine carrying it into my favorite coffee shop, removing it from it’s leather case, and filling the place with a clackity noise from yesteryear.

I wonder if they will ask me to leave?

The 1930’s was a great period for discovery and invention and many things crafted in that era is valuable to me. And as it turns out, this is the same typewriter that Clinton B. DeSoto, W1CBD used to write his classic book ‘Calling CQ’ in 1941 so I like to think there may be a little mojo in this machine…