Radio amateurs from Brazil sent bitcoin thanks to the moon

Márcio Gandra, Rafael Silveira, Narcélio Filho, André Alvarenga and Paulo Jr. are five radio amateurs and bitcoiners from Brazil who, using a radio system, made the first bitcoin transaction using the moon. The intention is to demonstrate how cryptocurrency can be used even without the internet.

The P2P transaction was made between André Alvarenga and Narcélio Filho, located Belo Horizonte and Macacos-MG, respectively, but they needed two digital signatures to validate the operation on the network. At that time, Rafael Silveira and Paulo Jr intervened, both at more than 600 km away, in the state of São Paulo.

The distance between the participants made it impossible for the transmission to be made in a straight line, since it was carried out without internet and only using radio waves, so they used the moon as a kind of “mirror”, under a technique known in amateur radio like EME (Earth – Moon – Earth) or «Moon Bounce».