Results of the 2020 CQ DX Marathon

The DX Marathon is alive, well and breaking records! Despite poor band conditions, the lack of DXpeditions after February, the pandemic and many other problems facing us, the DX Marathon had its biggest year ever in 2020! Most of us stayed home and really appreciated the value of communication through amateur radio. Although there were 19 fewer countries available to work, the average country count was only down by 14 from 2019. Overall participation was up significantly along with the number of total QSOs, despite the average scores being lower due to lack of DXpeditions. The DX Marathon kept us busy concentrating on DX and was a great way to reduce stress from the pandemic. The participation graph shows the amazing growth in 2020. Total participants in the DX Marathon increased to over 16,400, highest total in the last 5 years and a 14% increase over 2019. We also had a record number of logs submitted and the highest ever number of total QSOs…

It comes as no surprise that digital modes accounted for 65% of all QSOs in the Marathon – an increase from less than 20% in 2015.

Clearly, the DX Marathon is an incredibly popular ham radio activity and when it comes to DX, where there’s a will - there’s a way!