This is my 100th blog post of 2021. A minor accomplishment to be certain, but I thought it a milestone worth mentioning anyway. I’ve been reasonably prolific during the first half of this year and have fallen into a comfortable cadence of publishing 1500-2000 words distributed among four or five posts per week and expect that to continue for the foreseeable future. Given that, I need to do some basic work on the place, like adding a search utility.

It’s just lazy on my part that readers can’t search here right now, but with a growing archive and without the ability to easily search for past articles I run the embarrassing risk of repeating myself in print.

Other intentional design elements such as the layout, plain text, whitespace, and lack of inline images will remain unchanged for now. The only modifications made since launch has been the font face used and the (recently) justified text alignment which is destined to return to left-alignment.

The editorial content will remain about the same as seen to date. I’d like to take a deeper dive into the technical side of some of the projects I’m working on, but I’ve never been particularly good at authoring “how-to” articles. Fortunately, most of the things I’m working on these days is based on software and code snippets are easy enough to share.

My radio interests continue to evolve and I’ll be explaining that in much more detail during the coming weeks. Suffice it for now to say I’ve been spending a lot less time on HF and a lot more time chasing signals originating in space. That has required a shift in the hardware and antennas in use here and I’ll share those details soon too.