What I posted here a few days ago about the RadioMirror digital communications concept was based on an older blog post written by Steve Stroh, N8GNJ who has since provided an update with additional details. In RadioMirror, Meet flamp he explains discovering that Fldigi, a free and open-source program which allows an ordinary computer’s sound card to be used as a simple two-way data modem, includes something called Flamp which provides most, if not all, the functionality of RadioMirror.

Given that It’s here now and available, when will we begin using it?

I’m going to follow Steve’s lead on this one since he lives in the Pacific Northwest, an area with abundant packet activity, while I struggle to find even an APRS signal in the digital black hole that surrounds the region where I live. I expect to hear more about broadcasting data via Flamp soon enough from Steve and the digital rebel alliance out in the land of Bigfoot.

TL;DR - delivering information via packet radio using a broadcast method where one station broadcasts that data for reception by a multitude of stations. Imagine digital hams in a given area receiving club news, bulletins, and other information from a repeater that broadcasts that data in off-peak times like every morning at 3am, etc.

Zero Retries Newsletter

It should also be noted that N8GNJ just launched Zero Retries, a newsletter about new generations of Amateur Radio Data  Communications - beyond Packet Radio and the future of Amateur Radio. The first issue has already crossed the transom and it’s an engaging read for anyone with an eye on the future of amateur radio.

It’s a no-cost subscription delivered via email and I can’t think of a single reason why any radio ham with an interest in digital communications wouldn’t subscribe today.