The site runs on Linode which, in addition to serving up these Web pages, also gives me access to a virtual Ubuntu box sitting on a fat pipe. I’ve always enjoyed life on the command line and still use it daily. Mutt for mail, slrn for news reading, Irssi for chat and IRC - the list goes on.

I’ve installed several different text mode applications for RSS over the years and only recently discovered that Newsbeuter was abandoned and Newsboat forked from it. Newboat is actively maintained, the current version is 2.24, released in June 2021.

It’s a drop-dead simple interface that’s easy to configure. Running it requires only a call to the application. I use a couple of command line switches to tell it to “refresh” and use a specific, easily editable file that includes the feeds that I follow.

Being a text console application it’s no-nonsense, lightweight and speedy. I like it a lot and since it runs on my server, my access to those command line applications is only an SSH session away which is better than cloud synchronization, all of them are running on the same machine!