In One Hundred I mentioned the need to add some sort of search capability to the site. I’ve been hesitant to jump into that work because the last thing I want is a database to maintain. The whole point (for me) in using a simple, static site generator was to eliminate the need to manage server-side resources.

Fortunately, I found a solution that adds considerable utility without much overhead. It’s a bit of JSON magic that skims the front matter of each post and puts all of it into a single JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file that can be quickly read from a search script.

This method yields nearly instant results.

The opposite reaction in this case is that I only recently started adding tags to the front matter of my blog posts. It will take some effort, but I am going to go back and add those to all of the older content as well as all future posts.

In addition, there’s some general housekeeping that needs to take place in order to make this a really useful feature. But the weather forecast for this weekend is a lot of rain. And I did get the lawn mowed yesterday… so I literally have nothing better to do.

I hope to get this task completed by Sunday night, but feel free to give it a whirl now. You can visit the Archive Search page and type something into the search box. That will give you a glimpse at how this will work once the details have been fully sweated out.

UPDATED: the new instant search utility is complete.