Working from home creates an uncomfortable situation where I’m forced to decide every single day whether to shave, shower, or even get dressed. It’s a brave new world and the many signs that things were getting back to normal that appeared over the last month or two are suddenly becoming difficult to see again.

But being home all day affords me the opportunity to do things not previously possible, important things, like monitoring the cluster for needed spots. Earlier today I was alerted when the programmed trilled for a 20 meter CW spot I’ve been waiting to find. It was Mort, SV5/G2JL on Lipsi where he spends about six months a year.

I don’t even know how to pronounce “Dodecanese” and can’t easily point it out on a map. Besides, it’s already in my log. Number 252 on the Most Wanted List is not particularly rare. I don’t need the entity, I’ve just wanted to work Mort for a long time and have yet to do that.

I didn’t copy him today either.

I first heard G2JL about six months ago but he didn’t hear me when I called then. That near-miss led me to look-up his QRZ bio page and I found it incredibly interesting and entertaining. He’s got serious DX chops, “DXCC (300+), DUF4, OHA, WASM2, WAE, WAZ, WAS (well inside 20 years; WAZ came before WAS !)” and says:

“WAC on AM ‘phone; more that 50 QSOs on ‘phone, in fact; two on RTTY, 23 countries on 50 MHz CW - well over 50 QSOs on VHF; the rest on HF using the Proper Mode for Real Grown-up Hams. I eschew these MDMs [Mindless Data Modes]. Unless ear & brain (if any) are involved, it’s not ham radio”.

He’s an 88 year-old radioman who says what he thinks and his story makes for enjoyable reading. Don’t believe me? Visit his QRZ bio page and dig in, unless you’re easily offended, which is fairly common these days (In that case, you should avoid that link and follow this instead).

If you happen to work Mort, tell him I’m looking for him. I need to know how to pronounce Dodecanese - among other things.