Larry, W2LJ recently reported on having purchased a mast support device that is supported by driving a car tire onto it. I’ve seen such mounts deployed in the field and always thought it a good idea. I’ve got a couple of 31-foot fiberglass push-up masts that aren’t seeing enough use so I ordered one of these mast holders too and hope it arrives in time to take on vacation next week.

When I use the 31-foot masts I usually strap it (temporarily) to the leg of a picnic table, bench, or whatever is handy and use it to support a wire antenna. Having it right beside my vehicle (and not having to look for something to lash it to) means operating out of the back-end of the Jeep with the hatch popped open which should make field deployment easy - and comfortable.

Here’s the mount I ordered from Amazon and here’s a link to some fiberglass push-up poles in case you’re interested.

Given my intention to begin making regular trips into the field once I’m retired, this is just another step in that process. I really like the idea of having my portable station in the back of the Jeep and ready to go to one of the many parks in this area on a moments notice. I imagine this mostly being early morning adventures and ritual is important to me. Greeting the dawn with the songbirds and a little CW while smoking my pipe and sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Now I need a compact propane stove for making coffee…