Apparently this weekend is the Ham Radio Expo, a biggie-sized mashup somewhere between a hamfest and a ham radio radio convention. I think. I don’t know for sure though I might be the only person you know who won’t be attending.

That’s not entirely true, this guy isn’t going either. Like Steve, I can’t imagine spending an entire weekend at home in front of a computer screen after having spent an entire week at home in front of a computer screen. If you attend (is that the proper word for a virtual event?) I hope you enjoy it.

Besides, a couple of things that landed on the doorstep yesterday will keep me busy this weekend. The TX-500 portable HF transceiver from Discovery 599 showed up as did my new home weather station. I’m anxious to power both of them and put them to good use. It would be nice to take next week off work to fiddle with such things, but I’m rationing vacation days now as more time off will be coming for activities in September.

If the rain holds off I might give the TX-500 an initial shakedown tomorrow morning. I think some field time is needed to sort it out so no POTA activation for me tomorrow even though I plan to go to nearby Mounds State Park (K-2261) early in the morning to get fully baptized in the new transceiver experience.