Making some travel plans for the Fall seemed a reasonable thing to do a few months ago when it appeared the virus situation was beginning to be under control. But this latest flare-up has me re-thinking those plans. The decision to register for the W9DXCC convention in September was made with an apparently unmerited dose of optimism that things were beginning to get back to normal.

I haven’t yet canceled those plans (or any others), but I am taking a “wait and see” approach until this latest Covid surge flames out. My wife and I are fully-vaccinated, but I see no reason for us to take unnecessary risks and nothing is more “unnecessary” than attending a hobby related conference hundreds of miles from home in the midst of a global pandemic.

Keyed up for the field!

We have a busy weekend planned and I don’t know if there will be time for radio adventure. Still, I did order an inexpensive set of paddles to carry to the field. As previously noted, I don’t mind carrying the Begali keys into the backyard, but that’s as far as these go. This hasn’t been an issue because normally I use the Elecraft paddle attached to the KX3.

But something else was required for use with the TX-500 in the field so I ordered a Pocket Double Paddle Key in army green from C.W. Morse. Sadly, it won’t arrive until Tuesday.

Tabling the operation

I had mentioned to Brenda that I needed some sort of portable table for operating in the field. She had bought me a nice folding chair when I first talked about operating off the tailgate. And while that happens sometimes, and sometimes I find a picnic table in a park, having a compact folding table would be nice. She surprised me with an early anniversary gift when she gave me this table which was exactly what I had been looking for. Lucky me!