In days of old the premier online hangout for QRP enthusiasts was the QRP-L mailing list. First on Lehigh University servers (best I can recall) and years later migrated to the plethora of lists at This mailing list was the primary fount of information for low-powered radio operation. It fanned the flames of the movement that exploded in the late 1990s.

It was not possible to have a list with thousands of members without frequent flames, battles and wars and if I had a dollar for every time someone stormed off the list (always preceded by some proclamation like, “you’ll never see me here again!”) I’d have a pocket full of bills.

Still, it bound the community in a way that no alternate list or other online site ever came close to matching.

And then came a noticeable slow-down in traffic on the list. More recently that became just a trickle. What was a hundred messages a day on average was now two or three a day - on a good day. Some days passed with no traffic at all. So what happened?

I didn’t know it, but long-time list administrator Jim Lowman, AD6CW went Silent Key. With no one managing the administrative tasks the list went mostly SK too. It seemed to be running on auto-pilot except all the admin tasks were ignored - the cockpit was unmanned!

A couple of fellows discovered this a few days ago, made other arrangements with the folks at and now QRP-L is under new management.

With the admin tasks cleared the list suddenly bounced back to life and is again seeing increased activity. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before we see the first blow-up and possible flame war, but that’s fairly normal for active mailing lists. Occasional bouts of incivility are surrounded with good information and entertaining content which has always been the charm of QRP-L.