Canceling the plan to attend W9DXCC presents an opportunity to once again visit the Findlay Hamfest. It takes place on the Sunday that we would have returned from Chicago and would have missed it.

The Findlay Hamfest is one of those from somewhere back in my long ago that always evokes strong memories. It was an annual pilgrimmage years ago when we lived in Cincinnati. Always one of the first Fall hamfests in the area, I can’t remember a time when the weather wasn’t perfect for it. Blues skies, cool breezes, and hanging out in old buildings at a county fairgrounds the way God intended hamfests to be conducted.

I haven’t been back to Findlay in nearly a decade. There always seemed to be something else going on that weekend. And now suddenly an opportunity arises to do it again. It’s a 2.5 hour drive over there that will take me right past the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta (Hmmm), but if it’s anything like it used to be, it will be well worth the journey.